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Infrared Technology Finds the Problem.

Traditional Craftsmanship Gets It Fixed.
Finding leaks in your flat roof isn’t always something that can be done with the naked eye. That is why Bulldog Roofing Employs Infrared thermal imaging to complete a thorough high-resolution scan of your flat roof to find areas with trapped moisture. This information will help identify what tactical flat roof leak repairs need to be made to help you avoid costly and disruptive leaks, minimize any potential damage to your business and extend the lifespan of your flat roof.

Our infrared commercial roofing and industrial roofing inspection is a proven, cost effective method for roof leak detection in flat roof systems.

Fast And Accurate With Detailed Reporting

A flat roof scan will also detect new flat roof leaks that haven’t yet penetrated the decking before they begin to cause damage within occupied spaces. This allows us once again to perform preventative flat roof repairs, and extend the lifespan of your flat roof.

We then create a detailed report documenting the entrapped moisture areas in your flat roof and offer an itemized proposal to correct any leaks. Once you have approved our plan and estimate, our team of experienced commercial roofers and industrial roofers will get to work quickly and effectively to repair your flat roof and maximize its lifespan.

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